The itinerant healer

Born and raised in Italy, Vittoria Piccioni, known as Viky, has been traveling around the world and has been based in Berlin, Germany for 8 years before landing to Australia.

About her

Viky is a heart-centered being.

The purpose of her life is to be guided by Higher Consciousness and Unconditional Love to follow her mission, to create new realities, to make a difference, to help people to transform their life.


Viky grew up studying and creating art all the time. She has immense passion toward creative projects. She had a difficult childhood, so she used art also as therapy, starting the process to heal herself.

Then in 2011, she started yoga and meditation courses, which began to change her life. She found her true self through yoga and meditation, but what really changed her life totally and helped her to heal was Reiki. In November 2012, she experienced many deep and profound experiences with the Universal Energy. She experienced the Kundalini awakening and discovered that she was able to channelize the Universal Energy through herself while also giving it to someone in need.
During these experiences she did not know anything about Reiki, but in that moment she felt a inner call and understood that her mission in this life is to be a healer, to heal herself, and to help others heal themselves.

In 2013, she began studying Reiki in Berlin and received her First and Second Degrees. In 2014, during her first time in India, she was blessed to meet a special Reiki Master, Shanti Rubens, on her path while in Rishikesh. Under this teacher, she had the opportunity to learn with her how to became a Reiki Master Teacher.
In 2015 she completed her master study in Children’s Book Illustration in the University of Macerata, Italy. As healer and therapist her she loves to create therapeutical children’s books.
In 2016, she have been back in India. In Rishikesh she attended the Yoga Teacher Training Course with the Great Master Surinder Singh.
In 2017, she attendend a Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course in Berlin.

In 2019, she became a certified Paws .b Teacher, allowed to teach Mindfulness in the Schools to 7-11 years old children.

In December 2019 she moved to Australia, she met her twin flame and together they started to develop a new healing & coaching method based on their experiences as therapists and on the success achieved with their clients. This revolutionary method is allowing the people to consciously reprogram their subconscious mind, heal their traumas and create their best life.


Viky is an Intuitive Healer, Therapist, Spiritual Guide, Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation Teacher who loves to live her life at its fullest and support others to do the same and create their own true happiness.
Viky guides you in an empowering journey through your subconscious mind to heal, unlock your true potential and to create your dream life!