Are you feeling somehow stuck in life? Your life goals seem out of reach?
As everyone, you also got negative experiences in life and all the painful memories of your life are stored in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind takes those memories to create patterns and beliefs in order to make yourself avoiding certain situations that might be painful but, actually, those automatic defense responses are exactly what not allows you to live the life in the way you want!
I was in your same situation! I had a difficult and painful childhood which created in me lots of traumas and limiting beliefs. Until my 23 years old I was pushing myself to achieve goals to feel worthy, I was in toxic relationships for the fear of not being loved and the fear of abandonment, I had chronic pain in the body, and I struggled a lot on all fronts. Then I started to get heavy panic attacks and this brought me to realize I had something to heal and solve within myself and in my life.
That was the start of my healing and transformative journey and after a couple of years I decided to study to become a therapist because I wanted to help other people like me.
Right now I am 33 and I am a successful therapist and coach, I live abroad, I speak 4 languages, my body is pain free, my health is amazing, I travelled in 5 continents and I literally magnetized my twin flame into my life who is the best partner I could wish for!

I can guide you in an empowering journey through your subconscious mind to become the creator of your dream life!

I help people to heal their traumas, bodies, inner child and spirit

If you feel to start a personal development and self-healing pathway I would be delighted to support you and accompany you!

During my healing and personal development journey I sought for knowledge and I became obsessed to discover the mystery of the human mind. Then intuitively I started to find the best way for my healing and the healing of others and today I am offering very transformative programs that are changing people’s life in only 4 to 8 weeks!
Why my programs are so short? Because I work in a very effective and empowering way. I show to my clients which is the root cause of the problem and I teach them how to reprogram their subconscious mind through concrete actions. The key is to become aware of the real root cause and to reprogram the subconscious mind, so that we can unlock our true potential and thrive!
I suggest concrete actions tailored for the client’s needs and those actions are bringing them to heal traumas, delete limiting beliefs, achieving everything they wish for themselves.
Are you keen to know more about it?

I offer to you a FREE CONSULTATION VIDEO CALL with me!

In the call I will give you some clarity and tell you what’s the best action you can take to start to improve your life on all levels.
I have only 5 spot each month for my programs but I would like to offer to you a FREE consultation (30-45 min) so you can already take a step forward today!
And during the call we can see if we are a good fit to work together or not.

Don’t postpone to tomorrow what you can do today!

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I had a 4 weeks program with Viky and what I want to say is that I’m so glad to have met her! She literally changed my life!
I feel much more confident and I can really feel what my needs are and how to take the best decisions for me in life.
She helped me to work positively on my subconscious mind and, thanks to her intuitive healing and guidance I unlocked emotions and solved many past situations.
I highly recommend her!
Thank you for everything Viky. You’re amazing!
SaleaGold Coast - Australia
I had the opportunity to get in touch with Viky for several therapies and I definitely would recommend to take part of her inner teachings and professional way of supporting the research of self development. She is a great healer!
DavideBarcelona - Spain
I started my healing journey with Viky and her partner 1 year ago and their intuitive healing sessions really helped me to change my life!!! The healing method created by Viky helped me to find the answers to my questions directly from the bottom of my heart and how to take the right decisions for me in life. During the therapy sessions she made me connect with my body and my heart, she was asking me questions and I started to receive the answers from my true self. Her voice was guiding me during the whole process and she taught me how to connect with myself, how to develop my intuition and how to listen to myself without judgements.

She is a lovely and empathetic therapist that really has a gift! I feel so lucky, she guided me to become my own healing tool and how to heal my emotional wounds and live my life free from the old limiting beliefs! Now I can look at life with different eyes and I can feel that wherever I’m going I’ll always know that I’ll be safe and authentic to myself. Thank you so much Viky, you are a magic unicorn! ❤️

CharlotteSydney - Australia