After many years of work as therapist and after a long journey of self-healing and personal development, my way of giving healing sessions transformed and, I have actually created a new revolutionary way of healing and therapy which I called

 Heal Believe Achieve

The HBA method is a revolutionary life approach, healing & coaching method based on 3 steps:
HEAL: healing wounds and traumas, finding out what is holding you back and what is unhealthy in your life to change it into healthy habits and a joyful life
BELIEVE: transforming the limiting beliefs into powerful intentions, reprogramming the subconscious mind to unlock the potential of the mind and to become the conscious creator of your life
ACHIEVE: achieve your goals and take actions to create true happiness, true self-confidence, true self-love and enjoy all the results

If you feel to start a self-development and self-healing pathway I would be delighted to support you and accompany you

our One on One Sessions would be tailored exactly for you taking the proper time each session. I guarantee that at the end of the session you would have the necessary answers and tools to solve the issue/subject you brought up during that session. I guarantee that you can achieve effective changes already after the first session and that usually not many sessions are needed! My method is really revolutionary and it offers a deep healing and improvement on all levels (physically, mentally, energetically).
If you would like to have more infos about it send me a WhatsApp message at +393479705399, a email at  viky@the-itinerant-healer.com or CLICK HERE TO BOOK A FREE 30 MIN CONSULTATION CALL


USD555single session of 2 hours
HBA Method 4 Weeks Program
USD2,222for 4 weekly sessions (8 hours)
HBA Method 8 Weeks Program
USD4,444for 8 weeks package (16 hours)