The chakra system is a model of the universe represented in our body in which energy flows. Blocked or stagnant chakras lead to illness so it’s important to understand, measure, and heal each chakra to keep it healthy and flowing. The workshop is a combination of lecture, discussion, meditation, practice, and experience.

The workshop will discuss the following in detail:

  • Explanation of strong, weak, blocked and balanced chakras
  • Chakra description explanation and location
  • Affirmations connected to each chakra
  • How identify the rotation of each chakra
  • Different methods to treat and heal chakras
  • Crystals connected with each chakra
  • Human development in the light of the chakras teachings
  • Associated body parts to each chakra
  • Associated emotional themes to each chakra
  • Associated physical and emotional dysfunction and traumas to each chakra
  • Chakra meditation

Every chakra is connected to body parts and emotional themes, the chakra harmonization activates the wellbeing on all layers of existence. In addition, self healing forces are activated.



I offer private Reiki Treatments with Chakra Healing, Chakra Balance, Chakra Consultation, Aura Cleaning and Crystal Healing in English, German, Italian, Spanish.

The Chakra Healing Workshop
USD50p.p. 2 hours